Sunday, 30 January 2011

Welcome To Your Home From Home

      Well hardly that, more of a study with the annex of kitchen, bathroom and bedroom added on. Because the only part of the Prisoners home to be exact as that of his home back in London is the study and small bathroom. But then I suppose they could not replicate the whole of the Prisoners London home in the village. However the cottage does have an electronically operated door, as does his London home in Fall Out. The only other house to enjoy such a door is that of the Green Dome, the residence of No.2. But although the Green Dome is something of a grandiose building, it's not really No.2's residence, more just his office. No.2's quarters are situated somewhere underground. You will recall how No.2 in A B & C rises up through the floor in the globe chair still wearing his pyjamas and dressing gown. So it seems that No.6 has a much more comfortable home than No.2! As for the Butler, he lives in the annex round the back of the Green Dome, and no doubt that's where the kitchen is to be found when the Butler is called upon to prepare breakfast, tea or coffee for No.2 and any visitor he might have.
   Certainly citizens of the village appear to live in relative comfort. They live in replicas of their own home, or part of their own home. But no matter how you look at it, no matter how much 'they' dress it up, cottages like '6 Private' it is still a comfortable prison 'cell,' the door of which is locked at curfew time because no-one is allowed out after curfew which is eight o'clock at night.
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