Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Question Of Identity

    In Arrival the Prisoner has his identity taken away from him, and is given a new identity, that of No.6. And the new No.2 will not allow the Prisoner to forget his new identity, "Good day Number Six." Number what?" asks the Prisoner. "For official purposes everyone has a number, you are Number Six." "I am not a number, I am a person" replies the Prisoner, and will never admit to being numbered..................However by the time of The Schizoid Man, No.6 is physically battling to retain his identity of No.6. And in Hammer Into Anvil, the Prisoner proudly claims to be No.6 at the close of the episode. The only problem is, No.2 will not believe him. No.2 believes No.6 to be a plant, D6! And finally in Once Upon A Time, during the deliberations between No.2 and No.6, the situation becomes even more confused, when their sparring eventually leads them to exchange roles. Which number actually dies and which lives on remains a fertive subject for debate. But at least I know who I am, You know who I am........I'm Piet Hein.

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