Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Well I'll Be Damned If I'm Not Numbered!

   We know very well that Number Six refuses to wear his numbered badge, as on the day after his arrival in the village, and after his discharge from hospital Number Six takes off the badge pinned to his piped blazer, and tosses it into the back of the taxi, along with his straw boater and umbrella. In fact the only time Number Six actually wears his numbered badge is in the episode of The Schizoid Man, when he sets about impersonating Number Twelve, who has been impersonating Number Six all along, which means that Number Six is impersonating himself, but as Number Twelve as he tries to escape the village in the guise of Curtis!
   But it's not just Number Six who goes about the village not wearing a numbered badge. There's the Butler for a start, sub dividing the same number might be one thing, but then being of diminished size perhaps the village administration couldn't get itself involved in fractions! Oh and then there's that doctor who carried out a medical on Number Six the day after his arrival in the village, he doesn't wear a number either. But in his case he might have been wearing a new white coat and simply forgot to pin his badge to it.....or the badge simply fell off...............anyway that doctor seems to me to be a bit of a quack. I mean to say, he carries out Number Six's medical, and then relies upon a computer for a diagnosis report! And that's another thing.....................how come a mediocre doctor, who needs a computer to issue a medical diagnoisis of a patient, is able to actually read a computer print-out card?
    The Professor and his wife Madam Professor don't seem to have to wear their numbered badges either. I wonder how they get away with it? Perhaps that's one of the certain privilages the Professor and Madam Professor seem to enjoy!.........Just a minute, just a minute. If Number Six goes abouit not wearing his numbered badge, how is it that everyone he meets knows he's Number Six? Ah, but then again it's a very small village, and in any village everybody knows everyone else.
I'm Piet Hein

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