Saturday, 8 January 2011

Information - Information - Information

    Hello readers, and happy New Year to you one and all. I start off with my first column for 2011 with information about the Prisoner. Items of information with which you may or may not be familiar as fans of the 1960's television series.
1, Partick McGoohan left the production of the Prisoner in order to work on the film production in America of Ice Station Zebra. The money McGoohan earned was then put into the production of the Prisoner series. Funding of the series had been pulled by ATV, and at the time the crew working on the production, were putting their wages back into the series in order to keep it going. Without the dedication of the production crew, and the money earned by McGoohan from his work on Ice Station Zebra, the production of the Prisoner would have come to a full stop, and the possibilty of the series being left unfinished with the funding having run out!
2, Everytime you see Patrick McGoohan as Mister X in the fairground scenes in the episode The Girl Who Was Death, he is in front of a 'back projection' of film taken at the funfair at Southend-on-Sea. This is because McGoohan did not actually go to the funfair to film those scenes, he was still in America working on Ice Station Zebra! And the cricket scenes with McGoohan close-ups, were filmed in a field behind the MGM film studios as Borehamwood, and not on location at Eltersley cricket ground in Cambridgeshire.
3, In the fight scene, during 'B,' in the episode A B & C, you can see that Patrick McGoohan actually splits his trousers!
4, The new No.2 in Arrival is the only No.2 to wear a piped blazer.
5, In the early years of appreciation for the Prisoner, it was throught by some fans of the series, that the Butler was No.1. The conclusion being arrived at because it was the Butler who returned to the house of No.1 in Buckingham Place, Westminster, London. The door of the house opening and closing electronically as in the village.
6, It was the Butler who packed those two suitcases for the Prisoner, and left them waiting for him upon his return to the house. Well it had to be the Butler didn't it. No-one else entered the house except for the Butler after their return to London. The Prisoner having driven off straight away to hand in his letter of resignation, who would then return to his home to collect the two already packed suitcases, passport and airline ticket before they came for him, as they would during the opening sequence of Arrival.
7, If anyone did tamper with No.2's drink in Once Upon A Time, then it had had to be the Butler. Because there were only three people in that Embryo Room at the time, and No.6 didn't do it as he was on camera all the time. And don't forget the door of the Embryo Room was on a time lock.
8, Patrick McGoohan's stunt double Frank Maher appears not only as No.6, but also No.12 as often as Patrick McGoohan does during The Schizoid Man, but yet went uncredited for the role!
9, The Prisoner has his identity taken away from him and is given a new indentity of No.6 which he rejects. Yet during the episode of The Schizoid Man the Prisoner is desperately trying to cling onto that identity, to prove that he is No.6!
10, The most industrious No.2 ever to have taken up office in the village is................the retiring No.2 in the episode It's Your Funeral, and the only No.2 to be able to leave the village in order to go 'on leave!'
11, Three former No.2's were brought back to serve once again in the village....Leo Mckern - Colin Gordon, and Kenneth Griffith.
12, Twenty-seven No.2's took up office in the village, including the twelve sub-divided No.2's standing on the local Town Council, and the once newly elected No.2 {No.6} in Free For All.
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