Saturday, 15 January 2011

Generally Speaking

        I've been sat here at my desk thinking what to write this morning, and I found my thoughts turning to, and feeling sorry for madam Professor. She and her husband the Professor, we don't actually know what there names were because in the village names are not used. Well except for Nadia Rakovsky, and Fotheringay during The Chimes of Big Ben, Alison in The Schizoid Man. Then there was Roland Walter Dutton in Dance of the Dead, and Monique of It's Your Funeral, which are the exceptions due to the relationship between themselves and the Prisoner-No.6. And nor do we know the numbers of The Professor and his wife, as they, like No.6, do not wear their numbered badges! But I digress, the Professor and Madam Professor came to the village of their own free will, the Professor to teach, and Madam Professor the artist, who holds art seminars in the garden of her home.
   But life in the village isn't as idylic as Madam Professor thought it would be. For Madam Professor is used by No.2 to keep help pursuade her husband to keep working on his lectures for the educational experiment of 'Speedlearn.' But the Professor is far from happy with the kind of work he is being forced and conditioned to do, and knows that the General, a super computer, must be destroyed!
   In the end, the Professor dies by being electrocuted to death by the General, which he was either introduced to, or gave birth to as the one contradicts the other in the episode of the same title as that of The General. I don't think the Professor intended to die. I mean I'm not of the opinion that the Professor comitted suicide, but in any case, the Professors death left Madam Professor both a widow, and a citizen of the village for as long as she lives...........
I'm Piet Hein

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