Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Prisoner - A Vicious Circle?

    If  the end of Fall Out is the beginning of Arrival, that would indeed make the Prisoner a vicious circle. But also is the Prisoner also trapped in a time-loop, doomed to live out the actions of his resignation, abduction, and life in the village over and over again? What's more is the Prisoner aware of this possibility, and if he is, what can he do to break this nightmare of events? Perhaps not to resign in the first place might be a good place to start. Or at least not to go home after handing in that letter of resignation. That way they might not catch up with the Prisoner so quickly. Yes I know the two Undertakers were following the Prisoner through the streets of London, from the moment he drove out of that underground car park in Abingdon Street. But the Undertakers must have gone a different way at some point, as they were waiting for the Prisoner on his arrival home. And I suppose the retiring No.2 got it right, that they'd catch up with him sooner or later.
  So the Prisoner is in the village a second time around. Is there anything he can do to escape? Well search the helicopter for the remote control device set in the helicopter, and rip it out before he takes off, might be favourite. Then No.6 could simply fly away, and there would be no stopping him!
    So what  if the Prisoner-No.6 was aware of the possibility that he was trapped in a time-loop, he could have some fun. For example, while in the hospital No.6 could stop Cobb from jumping out of the Hospital window, which he never did in the first place! In The Chimes of Big Ben No.6 would know not to trust Nadia-No.8. No.6 owuld alos know that it would be a watse of time and effort 'running for Public Office in the elections of Free For All,and so on and so fourth through the whole series of events right up to and including those events of Many Happy Returns, No.6 could simply not play the game, but just sit down somewhere until the village eventually came back to life, as indeed it surely would. Or having escaped back to England, not to return home to 1 Buckinghame Place, or to do so to get a wash, shave, and a change of clothes, but as soon as he drove away in his Lotus, don't go and pay those two calls as he previously did, one in town, and one to the Colonel in the country. Then escape would be possible.
   But then again, what if there is no changing the events of the Prisoner, what is it they call it, cause and effect? That no matter what No.6 does to try and alter things, events are pre-ordained, and history cannot be altered no matter what one does to try and change events, they will still happen no matter what, and No.6 will forever remain a Prisoner.
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