Saturday, 5 February 2011

Village Badges

    Have you observed the badges worn by citizens in the village? regular badges have a white background with a black canopied penny farthing and red numeral. While other badges have the negative aspect, of black background, white penny farthing, and red numeral. Mrs Butterowrth, the new No.2 in Many Happy Returns being the exception in two respects. Firstly, she is the only No.2 to wear the negative aspect badge, but with a 'white' number 2!
    There is one other aspect to these village badges, that being the canopied penny Farthing. On some badges the bicycle faces to the left, on others to the right, as demonstrated here.

No, I've not selected No.2 and No.6 for any reason, other than they are just two such badges which I happen to have to hand at this time. I did wonder if the reason for the Penny Farthings to be pointed to the left and right denoted ones political ideals. But that would be ridiculous in the village, because there is no politics in the village. No political opinion. There is no democracy whatsoever. No free elections, just a tyranical dictatorship! Mind you, I like the design of the canopied Panny Farthing. Striking I would call it, and perhaps one of the greatest logo's or emblems ever created. Because it's memorable. It stays in the mind, it says the Prisoner.
I'm Piet Hein

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