Friday, 24 June 2011

There Are No Second Chances!

    Just when did No.6 and No.24-Alison first meet I wonder? What was it that first brought them together? And how was it that No.6 and No.24-Alison, first realised that they shared a mental link - that they could reach each others minds? And you thought that there were no more questions to be asked of the Prisoner, not that they're ever likely to be answered, or have anyway of knowing. And speculation would seem to be pointless.
    If No.6 and Alison-No.24 came together through genuine circumstances, and by no contrivance of No.2, then No.2 obviously saw a situation which he could put to his own advantage, and thereby breaking No.6 and learning the reason behind the Prisoners resignation. All it would take would be to coerce No.24 into co-operating with the betrayal of No.6.
    Towards the end of The Schizoid Man episode, Alison told No.6 that she was ashamed of what she had done. And because she had realised that the man about to leave the Village by helicopter was No.6 and not Curtis, thus she wanted No.6 to know that its not often one gets a second chance, and that had she a second chance, Alison wouldn't do it again. Thus letting No.6 know that his secret, was safe with her.
   Now when No.6 told Alison-No.24 that there are no second chances, that wasn't quite right. There are second chances for those fortunate few, like No.2 of A B & C who was brought back to the Village for a second term of office in The General, which turned out all the worse for him. And there was No.2 of The Chimes of Big Ben, who was seen to be a good man, brought back to the Village for Once Upon A Time and Dregree Absolute, a one-to-one situation which ultimately cost him his life. And No.2 would have remained dead, had it not been for the advent of Fall Out!
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