Friday, 10 June 2011

That No.6 Has a Radio Set!

    Tonight when the moon rises the whole world will turn to silver............ It's my opinion that the message heard transmitted over the radio No.6 was listening to, but seeing as how the radio was found in the pocket of the dead man on the beach in Dance of the Dead, was intended for him. Mind you, there's no real evidence that the transmitted message was intended for the dead man either. But then again if it was.........that would mean the dead man had somehow smuggled the pocket radio into the Village with him. Could No.34, for that is whom the dead man was, No.34 having been under the observation of No.240, but who had died, have been a plant in the Village? The transmitted message indicated that the appoinment could not be fulfilled, that other things had to be done that night. Perhaps No.34 was waiting for someone, someone to come and extract him out of the Village, or perhaps a group should have been on the way to the Village for whatever reason.  The dead man in the water, attacked and suffocated to death by the Village Guardian? Certainly if No.34 had been a plant in the Village, it might possibly have been something like John Drake of M9 having infiltrated Colony Three, somewhere behind the Iron Curtain. But then our side had a man in Section One, who helped get Drake out, unlike No.34 in the Village, who would appear to have come to a very nasty end.
    No.6 was seen to have a future with the Village. But he's still a pawn to be used in someone elses game. Such as in It's Your Funeral, when No.6 was used as a dupe in the plan to execute the retiring No.2. Without No.6, to give the plan credibility, without which the plan might backfire. But the plan did backfire! You would have thought that to involve No.6 in any plan would be tantamount to failure. And why is it that an interim No.2, an heir presumptive, doesn't have to use that over-sized, curved red telephone which two of his predecessors are forced to use in A B & C, The General, and Hammer Into Anvil?
    No.2 of Hammer Into Anvil believed that No.6 was a plant, sent to spy on them by their masters. No.6 had signed a note to XO4, an obvious code name, which is a precursor to the code names used in Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling - ZM73 and PR12. D6 was once thought by certain fans to be code for Drake 6. But no, that would surely be too obvious. Of course No.6 wasn't a plant. Nadia Rakovski was though, if that was indeed her name. She was a good agent, and no-one better to have planted in the Village. But what if No.2 in Hammer Into Anvil was actually right. What if No.6 is a plant, sent to test and spy on the Village and it's administration?
I'm Piet Hein

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