Saturday, 18 June 2011

Its A Question Of Daffodils

  We know that No.73 was driven to suicide by No.73, she having jumped to her death through a hospital window at the beginning of Hammer Into Anvil. In 73's hospital room, there is a bunch of daffodils in a vase. Then later, when No.6 visits the graveyard, there is a buch of daffodils on 73's grave. Now I wonder who put those there? Originally, the script for Hammer Into Anvil, called for No.6 to visit the graveyard at the end of the episode, to lay a bunch of daffoil flowers on 73's grave. This scene was cut from he trasnmitted episode, but apparently not the daffodils placed on 73's grave which we do see in the transmitted episode.
    At the Ball in Dance of the Dead, No.2 offers No.6 a glass of undoctored wine, to which No.6 replies I rarely drink, and that would be right. Because No.6 might sniff the bouquet of the wine, but he does not tatse it. And that also goes for his role as Danger Man John Drake. Because Drake rarely drank as well. He would be given a drink, he might taste it, but rarely would he finish his drink. Perhaps that's because of the kind of work Drake did, often going behind both the Iron and Bamboo Curtains. Drake had to always have his wits about him at all times. Mind you, there are times when Drake would play the drunk, and on many occasions.
     Why is it I wonder..................................................sorry I was lighting my pipe just then, why it is that whenever there is a picture of No.6, either on the front page of The Tally Ho newspaper, on his card of identity, or election placards, No.6 is always depicted in civilian clothes, and not Village attire of piped blazer etc?
    The map drawn by No.6, and added to the amended wallet of the dead man washed up on the beach in Dance of the Dead, is completely useless, because it only has the four points of the compass, and no longitude or latitude. What's more No.6 has not even been able to name the sea! So if you can find the Village by using No.6's map, you're a better man than I am Gunga Din!
    No.13 is as unlucky as the number 7 is lucky, that's why the number does not appear in the Village.
    Amongst the most used numbers employed in the Village are 2, 8, 10, 12, 14, 22, 54, 113.
    Only one issue of The Tally Ho newspaper is dated, and that same issue is used for two episodes, A B & C and The Schizoid Man, in one because of the Headline 'Is No.2 Fit For further Term?' And in the other for the date Feb 10th.
    In Checkmate No.6 and the Rook-No.58 ask to see the Shopkeeper -No.99's books. Strange that his books have never been inspected before. Is that why we never see No.99 again after Checkmate, because of a discrepency in his books! Because at the end of Checkmate, No.2 states that they, meaning No.6's reliable men, will be placed back on the chessboard tomorow. However when No.6 goes into the General Store in following episode of Hammer Into Anvil to buy a small note book and a copy of The Tally Ho newspaper, there is a new shopkeeper! So what did they do to 99 I wonder? Perhaps they simply took him away for treatment, and he just never came back!
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