Sunday, 27 November 2011

Information And Observations

      No.2 really jumped the gun when he asked No.6 why he resigned. The trouble was you see, No.6 had been regressed back to his childhood, and when No.2 put the question to No.6 "Why did you resign?" the boy No.6 had only just graduated from school, and hadn't done anything at all. In fact the boy No.6 was some years off from resigning his job!
    Peculiar is it not, how much sunglasses are made of in the village, all of different kinds, as you can observe for yourselves. But even more peculiar is the use of  tinted "safety glasses" worn by "Top Hat" administration officials, and some technicians. These "safety glasses" are even worn in the corridors of power of the Town Hall during that episode of The General. No.2 even wears safety glasses over his spectacles!
    The Kid in Living In Harmony is the fastest on the draw the Judge has ever seen. The trouble with the Kid is, that he has to keep proving it. Where as, the stranger, the man with no name - doesn't!
   The Kid may have out drawn the man with no name in that gun fight, but it was the man with no name who fired first!
   Will, who was gunned down by the Kid in the Silver Dollar Saloon, was a rancher, not a gun slinger. Oh he wore a hand gun, but the most he would have used his hand gun for would be to scare off Coyotes and the like, or to knock a nail into a fence post with the butt of the gun. But kill a man, no. Unless it was someone rustling his cattle!
    The Judge in Living In Harmony somehow puts me in mind of Judge Roy Bean. Well Judge Roy Bean had a thing about Lilly Langtry, and there's a picture of Lilly Langtry hanging on the wall in the Silver Dollar saloon. Not conclusive by any means, but just an observation.
    It's the allegorical which make the simplicity of the Prisoner so difficult for many to understand!
    A friend of mine would call it inexplicable, the way in which the members of the Committee of A Change of Mind, vacate the council chamber so instantly the lights are turned off and back on again in an instant! Perhaps the phrase is "the Butler did it" after all he was present in the council chamber at the time, and I don't know why that was either!
    And that cave with Rover in Free For All. Those men sat around wearing tinted "safety glasses" as Rover pulsates away, what is that all about? Perhaps Rover is indoctrinating them for something, who can say, certainly not I.
   And it's strange how that cave came to be, just off the Green Dome, and connected via a revolving wall and single steel door. Another one of those inexplicable moments of the Prisoner which will never be explained, and one which we simply have to accept, and put it in a box along with all the others.
    To end on a note of technology, in the episode of A B & C, we see that three reels of film are used. One is film footage of one of Engadines celebrated party's in Paris. The second is of A, the third is B. Now there is nothing remarkable about the film footage itself, but what about that film cassette? Film is shown reel to reel, as indeed are video cassettes, and music cassettes for that matter. But the three red cassettes containing the film footage are but one single film reel. So explain to me, any of you technoids out there, just how a single film reel cassette, like the ones we see in A B & C ,work.

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