Friday, 15 July 2011

The Prisoner - A Form Of Escapism!

    No.6 wants what we all want escape! But I bet he would never have thought that there are those who want to escape to the Village, to have one taken out of oneself, in the name of escapism, even if only visually, not to experience the Village for real. Which is probably just as well, because not many of us would have survived many of the ordeals which the good citizens of the Village are put through each and everyday.
    I believe that there is a reality Prisoner game on the World wide Web, where you can create your own character in the Village, I'm not sure if the reality game still exists or not. But even then it's not the same as experiencing the Village first hand. So we are happy to sit in the comfort of our own home, and watch No.6 being put through the ringer, in the full and happy knwoledge that they are not doing it to us!
    No.6 was brought to the Village because 'they' wanted to know the reason behind his resignation. His predecessor Six, was brought to the Village because Two saw him as being his successor, in wanting to hand over the Village to him. That's perhaps how it could have been in the original series, each No.2 handing over the Village to his or her successor. But in both cases No.6 was seen to have a future with the Village.......I wonder what both their predecessor was like.........well you didn't think that No.6 of the original series was the first did you? After all the Village has been going for a very long time, since the war in fact, possibly before  the war, the only question is, which war!
    I have stayed at Portmeirion. I have followed in No.2's footsteps..........many say they have followed in No.6's footseps, or even those of Patrick McGoohan, but I like to be a little different. And if I was going to be anyone in the Village, it would have to be No.2. But would I be allowed to smoke my pipe? Few, if any people are seen actually smoking in the Village. No.6 is a smoker, yet only once do we see him smoking a cigarette, when he rolls his own cigarette in a cell in the Jailhouse in Living In Harmony. Some fans of the Prisoner believe No.6 rolls his own cigar in that cell in the Jailhouse, but it is a cigarette, because No.6 is using a brown liquorice paper! No,.24-Alison is also a smoker, as is Curtis of The Schizoid Man. Mrs Butterworth smokes Cigarilos which are a cross between a cigarette and a cigar, each comes with it's own holder, but there appears to be no pipe smokers in the Village...........pity.
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