Friday, 8 July 2011

Information - Information - Information!

      Information is the most valuable commodity on the planet, well apart from gold, platinum, silver......Information is one of the most valuable commodities on the planet.........there have been situations where a man's life may depend on a mere scrap of information, or money exchanged for the information on a micro film, or micro dot. But that was in the good bad old days of the Cold War...I don't think they use micro dots any more..........................The Village was keen on collecting information, information which was filed away in those grey filing cabinets we see during the opening sequence of the Prisoner. And talking of information, I understand that a Mini Moke used in the Prisoner has been found in my native country the Netherlands. That's really quite incredible. I thought that the Prisoner had no further surprises, that everything had been discoverd about it, with nothing else to find...........But I was wrong, as I would imagine many fans of the series were wrong, and surprised to read about such a discovery. Here is the is Mini Moke.
I can remember a time when the society of Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society would have been the first to report such a discovery, the first to tell the story. But that was in the hayday of the society, which today is a mere shadow of it's former self. And HTL 709C has a story to tell. Of who purchasd it after the conclusion of the production of the Prisoner, and did that person then take it to Holland? Or was it sold a second time before crossing the English Channel? And how did it end up being left in a barn? The word barn suggests a farm, and judging by the state of the vehicle, it could have been used as a farm runabout, before being discarded in some quiet corner of a barn, as suggested by J.P.
But there is the promise of restoring the Mini Moke to it's former glory, and that is very pleasing. This particular Moke appeared in the Prisoner episode Living In Harmony. And perhaps one day, she might see a return to the Village, if indeed she was ever in the Village in the first place, on location I mean. Because when seen complete with her license plate, HLT 709C is being driven into the late 1800's American frontier Town of Harmony on a back lot at the MGM film studio, by No.2, David Bauer.
This is not particularly valuable information, but it is very exciting information to any fan of the Prisoner, reported on the World Wide Web, and probably before Six of One. Certaily it would be reported in their society magazine, but that does not reach the numbered membership it once did. Perhaps they will put it on their website, if they don't, they should do. And that's my point. Six of One once prided itself on gaining such information first, but that was before the advent of the Internet, where information is sent out there by the click of a mouse. And besides, to be able to gain such information, you had to be a member of the society, for such information rarely got out of the society itself. There used to be another society linked to the Prisoner, Once Upon A Time - previously the Sussex Group, a former breakaway group from Six of One. I have no idea if Once Upon A Time still exists today, I know there was a website linked to the society.......................I don't belong to any club or society. But I gain all the information on the matter of the Prisoner I need by a few clicks of a mouse, as do the vast majority of fans all around the wold. Perhaps they will read this piece of blog in the next few days.....I wonder if Patrick McGoohan would have joined a club? Certainly he was the honorary President of Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society, although he never actually contributed anything to that society. I wonder if, after the passing of Patrick McGoohan, Six of One appointed a new honorary President? I shouldn't think so.
I'm Piet Hein.

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