Sunday, 3 April 2011

They Will Get Me Eventually - Wherever I go!

   "They will get me eventually, wherever I go" are the final words spoken by the retiring No.2 in It's Your Funeral. Is that why at the end of that episode, the new no.2 was surprised to see the departing helicopter suddenly turn back towards the village? Perhaps the departing No.2 thought about it, and wasn't prepared to escape the village, and then be constantly looking over his shoulder.
   But it does take time, to find someone you know, sometimes it's so difficult they have to employ other means, and other people. Take No.73 for example. She was brought to the village because 'they' couldn't find her husband, and so expected 73 to talk, to tell them where 'they' could find her husband. 73 told No.2 that her husband was still over there, wherever 'there' is, behind the Iron Curtain presumably, depending of course on which side of the Iron Curtain you're on to begin with! But it would seem that 'they' knew that 73's husband was with the woman Mariah, No.2 has a photograph of the pair together. So if 'they' had the photograph, presumably 'they' also knew where No.73's husband was. So why not simply wait until her husband goes to see Mariah agan, and pick him up then?
    Professor Jacob Seltzman is another fellow 'they' had problems finding. Only this time they employed No.6 to find Professor Seltzman. And to make sure No.6 co-oporated, 'they' put him through a mind transference process. In other words, fail in the task, and the Prisoner's mind would remain inside the Colonel's body for the rest of his life, and vice versa. Well that's the impression given, although to put things right between the Prisoner and the Colonel, all that had to be done was to put them through the same mind transference process they were original put through. I mean it's hardly rocket science is it!
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