Sunday, 24 April 2011

Not A Number - Partick McGoohan A Life

   I'm not really a fan of Patrick McGoohan, although of both Danger Man & the Prisoner, and I have enjoyed some of his early films, namely Hell Drivers for one. So really I'm not likely to actually buy a copy of the latest biography on the life of Patrick McGoohan by Rupert Booth.
   I have read one review of the book, but it neither said anything of the real content of the biography, apart from McGoohan being a secretive man, one of contradictions. Being a Catholic, and an inquisitive man, who avoids convention. Suggesting that by the 1970's McGoohan was an alcoholic, having used booze to escape stress, well who hasn't? Also mentioned in the review are what actresses Annette Andre and Angela Browne had to say about McGoohan when they worked with him on the Prisoner, but then I can find other sources to read what professional people have to say about Patrick McGoohan. I wonder how deeply Rupert Booth has delved into the private life of the 'late' Patrick McGoohan? Did he for example contact McGoohan's widow and family for example, or any of McGoohan's personal friends? Somehow I seriously doubt it, although I could be wrong. But somehow I doubt very much that I'll be purchasing this book, as I have no desire to read a book that might simply revolve around McGoohan's professional life.
If you, who may read this, have read this book, perhaps you might wish to post your feelings on this book. I'm Piet Hein                                                                                   

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