Friday, 24 December 2010

Why Did The Prisoner Resign?

 It's all well and good wanting to know why the Prisoner resigned. But what good would it do to know? It certainly wouldn't make any difference to No.6's situation, he'd still be a prisoner.
   All this rigmarole to try and extract the reason behind the Prisoner's resignation. To try and break him. Isolate him. Promote him. Put him in dangerous situations, and all for nothing. What 'they' should have done is to ask someone in the know. Like the recipient of the Prisoner's letter of resignation. That baldheaded, bespectacled man sat behind a desk, who the Priosner ranted and raved at. Or the Colonel, he would certainly have read the Prisoners letter of resignation. That's who they should have asked, the Colonel when he was brought to the village during The Chimes of Big Ben. For the answer to why the Prisoner resigned, is in that letter.
    Mind you the Prisoner did tell No.2 why he resigned during that one to one situation of Once Upon A Time. But No.2 wasn't listening at the time, and asked to be told again. But the Prisoner wasn't one for having to repeat himself....."You've been told!" he said. And so were you at the time, or were you not listening also?
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