Sunday, 13 March 2011

As I Understand it..................

    During The Chimes of Big Ben, while reading Nadia Rakovski's personal file, No.2 discovered that at the age of seventeen she was an Olympic bronze medalist, a swimmer. So which Olympics would that be at, 1948 perhaps? Then in The Schizoid Man, whilst in the gymnasium, Curtis tells No.6 that his fencing is good agricultural stuff, meaning that No.6's fencing ability is good enough, but would hardly get him his place on the Olympic team! So, if Curtis is living the life of No.6 in the village, taken his place in fact. When Curtis is talking about his place on the Olympic team, is he talking about himself, or as No.6, having read his personal file? If No.6, then that means the Prisoner was once a member of an Olympic fencing team!
    It doesn't make sense, well when you look at it there's still a great deal in the Prisoner which doesn't make any sense, is even beyond comprehension, still defying interpretation some forty-four years later! But why oh why does No.2 of Once Upon A Time have but one week to gain the reason for the Prisoners resignation? Mind you, No.2 on that occasion was fortunate to have a week. No.2 of A B & C only had three days! If it's really so vital to gain the reason behind the Prisoner's resignation, why not give No.2 more time and support? Or failing that, No.1 could simply have asked the Colonel while he was in the village during The Chimes of Big Ben. But even better than that, the Colonel, or Fortheringay, could have brought the Prisoner's letter of resignation with them, and that would have been that! Because the reason why the Prisoner resigned would have been contained within that letter, of which the Colonel would eventually have been the recipient.
     Then there's those chaps in a cave during that episode of Free For All, sitting in chairs around a pulsating village guardian. What's that all about then? And how did No.6 know the village guardians name, when he called 'it' Rover in The Schizoid Man? Was No.6 simply giving it a dogs name, seeing as how it guards the village, like a guard dog. And if so, why did No.2 pick up on the name used when No.6 telephones him to say that No.6 is dead, Rover got him? And the members of the local Town Council in Free For All, No.6 asked them who they represent? Who elected them? To what place and people do they owe their allegiance? Whose side are they on? But no answers were forthcoming, so No.6 pressed on after showing the members of the Town Council a copy of The Tally Ho.........Can you laugh? Can you cry? Can you think? Well apparently they can talk, as in this section of photograph taken in the Council Chamber while No.6 was in conversation with No.2.
As you can see two members of the Town Council are having a chat. And the chap standing at his podium is taking the whole matter very casually. This is a sort of Caught on Camera moment.
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